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Dissappointment with the output format

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  • Dissappointment with the output format

    I purchased this for my 92 year old father for his birthday. We were excited to see what the results would look like.
    I have to say that I am terribly underwhealmed with everything.

    1) We received no written report. Only a loose collection of links on a website with no clear path or walk-through to what we are looking at.

    2) The site is very difficult to navigate. It is difficult to know what information is where and most links just lead me to a place asking me to buy more crap.

    3) I may have once found a service that, for a heafty fee, would create a concice written report. Haven't been able to find it again.

    Seriously guys, my father is 92 years old. I am lucky he can operate the tv remote, what poasible hope is there that he can navigate this complex site?
    I feel very displeased with the result.

    Maybe someone more experienced with this service can guide me to something I can print out for my father which he could understand and appreciate?

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    Which test was purchased?


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      Its been a while and its difficult to tell by the site, but I'm pretty sure I got him family finder and Y-DNA.


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        I understand your concern and disappointment. However, it is best to check out a product before you order it. In this case, it would have been good to review the FTDNA website, check the FAQs, and go into the Learning Center to see what information could be found for the tests you were interested in, as well as the customer interface for the results (“myFTDNA” pages). There are also archived webinars on various topics, from the different tests to how to use your account.

        On the order pages, it's not evident that you won’t get printed results, but then again the order and test description pages don’t say that you will. I agree that there are some simple, basic facts that FTDNA should make more noticeable for people new to DNA testing, before they order a kit. It can be hard to find answers to specific questions in the Learning Center, too.

        You can double check which tests you ordered by logging into your father’s account and looking under “Your Account,” then subheading “Order History.” More details can be seen by clicking on the orange link “Complete Order History” under “Order History.”

        1) It is not spelled out, but if you check the FTDNA Learning Center, there is a question about written reports.
        They do not provide written reports.

        2) View this webinar: “mtFTDNA: Managing Your Personal Account at Family Tree DNA”
        Other webinars can be found on the Family Tree DNA Webinars page
        I would say you could try the webinar for "Introduction to Family Tree DNA," then whichever others you want to view under the Family Finder and Y-Chromosome DNA headings.

        3) For the written report, this was discussed in a recent thread: "Hiring someone to interpret DNA results", in the DNA and Genealogy for Beginners section of the forums.

        If you want to print some of his results:
        • You can print out his Y-DNA STR results as a certificate (the 12, 25, 37, 67 or 111 tests). Look on your main “dashboard” in myFTDNA, and under the Y-DNA section at right, there will be a link for “Print Certificates.”
        • You can print out his myOrigins (ethnic makeup) page. I would click on the “expand all” link at the bottom of the “Your Name” Ethnic Makeup window at the top left first. Then, depending upon how your system handles it, you can either print the screen, or save the screen as an image to print. If you can see all of his regions and want to zoom in on them, you can use the +/- buttons to enlarge the image first, then do the above to print.
        • You can print out a copy of his Chromosome Browser results for some of his matches. This would require first that you select up to five of his matches from his match list, then click on the Chromosome Browser button above the list. It should open the Chromosome Browser page in a new tab of your browser. You may have to scroll, or perhaps either zoom out to fit all the chromosomes, and/or use the View menu to temporarily remove the location bar, bookmarks toolbar, or other items, to get more of the chromosomes to fit on your screen. Then print. Use his closest matches (if you don’t have known close relatives already tested) so he can see some large matching segments.
        • You can also download all matches from the Chromosome Browser page, but this is not ideal for printing. The link is at the top right, “Download All Matches to Excel,” which is in CSV format.
        • For his match list, it may be easier for him to see on the computer. But, you can also download a list of his matches, which will be in spreadsheet format.

        I would add that genetic genealogy, using commercial DNA testing, has a large learning curve. You know your father's capabilities best, and if you feel the site is too cumbersome and hard to navigate for him, it will be up to you to get up to speed and learn how to use and interpret his results. If you both were just looking for his ethnic origins, that is not so hard. If you are interested in finding relatives in your matches, you will need to read up on it. I find the following blogs and websites to be useful:
        You are fortunate that your father is interested and wants to learn about his results.
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          Actually, I'm not certain it would be possible for DNA companies to present the results of an autosomal DNA test in printed format. I've tested my mother at 3 companies and none of them do that. It would be possible to do it with Y-DNA and mtDNA, I think.


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            Originally posted by E_Loche View Post
            Its been a while and its difficult to tell by the site, but I'm pretty sure I got him family finder and Y-DNA.
            Sign into his kit. On the left hand side of the page scroll down to "Order History". There you'll find a list of the products purchased and the date each product was purchased.


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              Yes, I got the Ydna and family finder.

              Very disappointed with the results. A friend got a report form a competing service which was much more informative and fun to read. I think I will be going there.