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  • Bug in Search Function

    On my Matches page when I type "Bryan" in the search box, I get a list of matches. When I type "Bryant", I get the same list. That doesn't bother me.

    What bothers me is that whichever one I type, Family Tree changes all the Bryant or Bryan surnames in the list of matches to the one I typed, so that I can't tell how the match actually typed the name when he or she entered it!!! The programmers who designed this last update must be complete idiots.

    If I type Bryant and want to change it to Bryan and position my cursor at the end of the word and hit backspace, I go back to my home page instead of deleting the "t". I don't know of any other website anywhere that behaves like that.

    Then there's the problem of putting the check mark in and clicking "In common with". If you forget to click reset, you have to start all over again. That's stupid! You shouldn't have to click reset. You didn't have to before.

    When you click in the search box, if you happen to move your mouse slightly away, you can't type in the box. Also on buttons they seem to give you a very tiny area where you have to precisely position your mouse in order for the click to work. I'm disabled and there are other disabled people out there! Don't the programmers realize that? Other websites don't seem to require such precision. Is it necessary?