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Finding STR Matches across Projects

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  • Finding STR Matches across Projects

    I would like to see a way for Project Administrators to find a distinctive STR signature across ALL projects in the FTDNA database.

    The haplogroup R-L226 has the distinctive markers DYS459=8,9 and DYS464=13,13,15,17 R1b men with this signature are 99.9% positive for L226+.

    I would like to invite men with those markers to test the L226 SNP, or preferably the R1b-L226 SNP pack, but trying to find them in the thousands of FTDNA projects is like looking for a needle in a haystack. While several surnames form the backbone of this clade, there are many, many surnames that have only one or two men with this signature.

    The old YSearch gave you the option to search with an STR signature, but it now has a woefully small percentage of the complete FTDNA database of STR results.

    Would other Project Administrators find this request of interest?

    Dennis Wright
    R1b-L226 > FGC12296

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    This is a great idea. My subclade under U106 is Z326, which also has a strong STR signature, like what you posted for L226. Even at 37 markers, anyone who is R-M269 and has DYS390=23, DYS447=24 and DYS460=10 has a strong possibility of being Z326+. If someone has 67 markers with those STR counts, plus DYS425=0 and DYS492=13, it's just about certain that he is Z326+. Also, under U106, Z8 is another subclade with a strong signature.

    I'm not sure that FTDNA could design a way for project administrators to search across the entire database (not just projects) for whatever signature they're interested in. However, I think it wouldn't be a problem for an administrator to provide FTDNA with the signature they're interested in and an e-mail to send to those who turn up in the search, inviting them to contact the administrator and join the relevant project.

    In any event, even if the administrator could do the search himself, he'd still need FTDNA to send the e-mail to those who show up in the search results. So, it seems more efficient for FTDNA to do the search and send the e-mail.