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It would be nice if people could compare Kits

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  • It would be nice if people could compare Kits

    Wouldn't it be nice if people were able to compareb kit numbers? There must be more matches out there than just Family Finder. I think people should be allowed the choice to share their kit with such a choice

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    You can share information in your personal profile, which it what matches see when they click on your name.


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      For Family Finder, the only places the kit number is used is for logging in, and once logged in, it shows beneath the kit owner's name.

      Because it is part of the log in, FTDNA specifically advises not to share or post your kit numbers, for security reasons. If someone has your kit number, they may be able to guess or otherwise acquire your password, and then be able to access your account.

      The other places where kit numbers appear are in haplogroup project results, but usually these do not show the kit owner's name along with the kit number.

      I'm not sure I understand what purpose sharing kit numbers for Family Finder results would give. Even at, where FTDNA kit numbers used to be used, the GedMatch kit numbers were changed for security reasons, after FTDNA required it of them.

      Where do you think there are other matches to compare with FTDNA kit numbers? Do you mean at 23andMe or Ancestry? It just doesn't work that way. People with DNA tests at those places would have to upload to GedMatch to compare with any people from FTDNA (who would also have had to upload), and all uploads to GedMatch are now given unique account numbers, different from the original company's assigned numbers (of which only FTDNA assigns numbers - 23andMe and Ancestry do not).
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        I think I know what MasterMel wants to do. At 23andMe you can, or could at any rate (I haven't used it much since they changed everything) invite anyone to share with you whether or not they are in your match list. But all you could do was see if they had a sizeable segment the company missed. Some claimed they found such segments. I never did.

        What I would like to be able to do here is find out how much, if any, DNA both of my cousins share with their 3rd cousin once removed. They don't match him, but they may share a little DNA with him. The value probably isn't zero.


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          You can do such comparisons with kits that have been uploaded to Gedmatch.


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            I know. But the 3rd cousin 1R won't upload to Gedmatch.