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  • Family Finder heatmap request

    I'm trying to figure out how the get the Eastern European heatmap put of this picture:

    (Note that there are no instructions for embedding an image)

    Is there any way to see only the pink part of the distribution, and not the blue?

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    I can't see the image at your link, but you seem to be talking about myOrigins in Family Finder, so do this:
    • At upper left, under (your name) Ethnic Makeup, click on the link to "Expand All."
    • Hover over the "Eastern European" subcategory. This will make that heat map retain its color, but will turn any other heat maps gray.
    • Use whatever method (key combination, maybe "print" button) on your system that allows you to take a screen capture/screenshot to save an image of it.

    Once you have saved an image, you can put it into a post by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon above the Reply to Thread message field (looks like a paper clip, just next to a happy face). This will open a window from where you can select an image that has already been uploaded to your FTDNA forum member Control Panel, or you can choose a file from your computer to upload to the attachments folder within your Control Panel.

    None of the kits that I manage have Eastern European in their Ethnic Makeup, so I'm not sure what the pink and blue distributions you mention are. Among the different kits I manage, the heat maps for "British Isles," "Western and Central Europe" and "Ashkenazi Diaspora" are in various shades of blue colors, and both "Finland and Northern Siberia," and "Asia Minor" are shades of pink.

    I hope that helps.
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      That doesn't help. Getting rid of the grey is what I am trying to do. In addition, there is no way as you say to embed an image.

      What the linked screenshot shows is Ashkenazi blue obscuring Eastern Europe. I want to see ONLY Eastern Europe, the pink heatmap.

      RS: I was able to edit the ‘url’ tags, changing them to ‘img’, so now the image shows.
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        Attachment is Eastern Europe footprint in myOrigins

        Attached Files


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          That looks like what I'm looking for but is to small for me to see well or use.


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            Here is a larger one

            I Don't have any kits that have just Eastern Europe so it too includes Southern Europe...



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              THANK YOU! That enables me to see the distribution not obscured by some other ethnicity.

              I would go so far as to say this is a failing in the programming. Instead of fading to grey, we should be able to make the overlay go transparent to see what's underneath.