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  • BigY Sequence Release Survey

    Couldn't find anything on this.

    I was just casting an eye over the Big Y survey and the first, required, question is:

    Are you the original test taker or the legal beneficiary of the original test taker’s DNA sample?
    The answer options are:
    • Yes
    • No

    However, the question isn't phrased in a way that can be answered with yes or no. The options should be something like "original test taker" or "beneficiary."

    I assume the intention is for the original test taker to answer "yes" and the beneficiary to answer "no," but we all know what happens when you assume...

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    I guess I look at it as:
    Are you (one of the two types of people) authorized to make decisions for the kit? If you are, check "yes," otherwise, "no."

    It could be worded more carefully, though, as your concern points out.


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      The legal beneficiary is the inheritor of a deceased person. The question is asking whether you are either
      - The living sample donor
      - The inheritor of a deceased sample donor.
      If either is true, answer yes; otherwise answer no.

      The important point here is that someone who merely paid for the test may have the password to the account but nevertheless cannot legally sign the release form.


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        This survey is used if you want to contribute your Big Y findings to science. This is why they have tighter than normal scrutiny over who is releasing what.

        Your answers here should in no way impact your ability to access the results, use the results, or download the results.

        Timothy Peterman


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          Does FTDNA confirm to donor when the Big Y data is taken to science? I have donated my own Big Y but don't know if the data is sent to science.