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Family Finder results not showing up

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  • Family Finder results not showing up

    I have a problem with the Family Finder results. I've got 5 different kits I administer, and not one of them will show the FF results right now. All of them did show the results up to around a week ago, but right now, all I get is the graphic from the bottom of the page with the various links to careers, etc., at Family Tree DNA. Nothing else shows up on that page for any of those kits.

    The rest of the results for the various kits do show up -- 4 out of the 5 kits have had other tests done at various times -- just not the Family Finder results.

    Any suggestions for how to fix this?

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    Could just be a temporary issue. I tried it right now and it took longer for the FF match list to show up than usual. FTDNA might be making some changes with this unintended side effect. If the problem persists, you could just contact FTDNA and see what they say.


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      Sometimes, if you wait about 5 minutes, the match list will eventually load. I have the same problem with the match list, the chromosome browser and the "In common" list. You think there's nothing there. I think it's a disgrace! But with FTDNA we're back to the days of dial-up it seems. You have to go play a game of solitaire or do something else while you wait for each page to load.


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        I had that problem with a kit earlier today and filed a report. It resolved itself after about an hour.


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          I had a similar issue. Looked like they were updating a lot of the recent results at once and it was bogging down the server. I noticed that all of my kits had 10+ new matches from the last few days.


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            I have the problem frequently.