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How to Handle Release Not Signed by Person for Whom I Purchased Kit?

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  • How to Handle Release Not Signed by Person for Whom I Purchased Kit?

    I purchased a kit for an elderly 1st cousin once removed who lives in another state. Her kit has been received, but apparently she failed either to sign the release form, or if she signed it, failed to return it. It seems like there used to be a way to sign online??? How should I handle this?

    The email address for the kit is mine, and I have the kit no. and password.

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    Been awhile since dealt with new kit, but they used to have a link when you sign into kit to sign electronically......if still present and tester has no issue about signing release then you can do it by logging into kit....


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      When her results are in, if you try to view her matches, I believe there will be a massage stating the release form has not been signed and there will be a link for signing the from electronically.


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        Thanks Jim,

        I thought there used to be a form, but I checked every account setting link I could find and didn't see it. She didn't seem to have any issues about the test. I asked her if she had any concerns or questions and she didn't mention any. She is one of the few living 2nd great-grandchildren of my ancestors whose parents can't be found.


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          IIRC, the link to the form form used to show up as a square or rectangle on the default page after you first login to the account. I think it was on the bottom left by the Interpret Your Results link below the MyHeritage ad.


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            Here is a link to the form:

            You can print it, have the person sign it be sure to include their kit number and then mail it to FTDNA. Or you can follow the directions I have already given.


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              I read that they eliminated the ability to sign it online.

              BUT - I also read at the same time as I read that, that if the person who ordered and paid for the test called Customer Support, they could give the permission that way.

              Might well be worth the phone call.


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                See my reply #3. It does still work!


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                  Jim - That is extremely reassuring to know!!
                  So far, have only had it happen once that Kit I ordered and paid for was received without signed permission slip - and that was back when ability to give permission on-line appeared as soon as kit was received without signed permission slip.

                  MoberlyDrake - will be interested to know how it goes for you.


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                    Well, I was able to sign the release form online, but all I got was a message stating that no matches were found at this level. I suppose they are not quite ready. I was surprised to see that her page had changed and it appeared to be ready, since results weren't due to mid to late Jan.