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Accounts still showing old coupons

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  • Accounts still showing old coupons

    Last week's sale announcement specifically said:
    In addition, each Monday a new coupon code called a Holiday Reward will be put on the kit, and an email sent out as a reminder.

    This is not happening. Accounts are still showing the old coupons that expire tonight.

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    I think it was just a minor mistake by FTDNA that they are correcting on the next round of coupons. If you check your email and click on the link, you will notice the new coupons show they expire on the 27th (Sunday). So I imagine the old coupons are still here because FTDNA doesn't want to upset people by removing their coupons that show they expire on the 21st (today).


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      Nothing in link

      When I click on the link from the email I received today, all I get is a 404 clearly they don't want to show the new coupons to people either...bit useless, as a 404 error isnt something I can use.


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        Mrs B
        If email link does not work log onto kit, coupon is displayed on kits homepage

        But, this week coupon will not be available until after midnight Houston time, even though it may be issued before...