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Family Tree Page Display Not Working

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  • Family Tree Page Display Not Working

    Clicking on a match's family tree page produces the attached product. This has been going on for a few days. How can I stop this? Thanks
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    I can't see the image because it hasn't been approved, but if your tree is a narrow strip, try enlarging the display. I use CTRL plus +. It works for me. Then when you go beck to your matches page it will be large, so you have to keep enlarging and reducing your view.


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      Thanks - that works. I just started having this problem every time I open the family tree page.


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        I only have it when I add a tree it seems. And it's aggravating because other pages are magnified after you do it to fix a tree. No one could tell me how to connect my mother's brother to my father's sister as spouses anyway.


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          I have the same problem

          I have the same problem.
          There is a very narrow strip that contains the window or panel that is not opening.
          This happens on all family trees, mine and all my matches.
          This is a bug.
          I use Chrome. Was this feature tested with all browsers before it was implemented?
          Does anyone from FamilyTree monitor this forum?
          If not how can I talk to someone to report this problem?


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            Hi Critton,

            The IT department is aware of this issue. I don't have a time frame as to when it may be corrected though. In the meantime it's necessary to adjust the zoom on the page. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

            Family Tree DNA


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              Just wish to say I have the same problem.

              Cheers, Ade.


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                I have a problem where uploading a GEDCOM just makes it say processing forever, even after hours, nothing happens. had that problem months ago but it seems to be back again. Problem on all accounts and using different browsers.