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Sex of kit plus paternal/maternal ancestors have switched

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  • Sex of kit plus paternal/maternal ancestors have switched

    I thought I'd post here first in case this is a known issue. I've been away for a while and haven't logged in to this kit in the past two months.

    The kit in question is my aunt's, she is the half-sister of my mother. I noticed today that she is showing as my mother's 'brother' instead of 'half-sister' which is how it used to appear. When I logged into my aunt's kit I notice that my mother also shows as her brother.

    Looking further, my aunt's earliest paternal ancestor is now showing as her earliest maternal ancestor and vice versa. In fact, those sides seem to have entirely switched.

    Her family tree shows everything correctly. But when I linked her to my own tree she appears as an 'uncle' whereas she used to show as an aunt.

    My aunt tells me she has not changed the sex of her kit so I don't see how this happened. It was I who set up her earliest paternal/maternal ancestors and I'm quite sure I didn't add them the wrong way.

    Is this a known problem which will fix itself or something I should report through more official channels? It looks like the kit now believes she is male. Possibly it always was male yet allowed her to be set as a sister/aunt, but I know the earliest ancestors were once correct.

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    My kits have not changed, I would think that your kit could have been incorrectly classified from the start.

    If your profile picture (providing you haven't uploaded one) shows the silhouette of a man on a females kit you will have to contact FTDNA to correct.


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      It seems like I've read a couple of other messages here lately from people who have developed similar problems since this last update. You might read through some of the recent posts.


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        I will, thank you. I had a brief look before posting but the forums are quite active so maybe I need to go back a few more pages I will also request IT assistance.


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          Just for the record and the benefit of anyone else who has a similar problem, I've just realised that my daughter is showing as my father's 'grandson' and I am unable to change it.

          This time, I know for certain that the kit was purchased as a female kit. In my excitement at the time I took screenshots of the purchase. So far I'm not finding posts from anyone else with this issue.

          I'm not deeply concerned, this is all peripheral to the real work of identifying matches which is proceeding just fine. It's just - well, incorrect so I'll lodge a request for help and see where it goes.