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  • Uploading Photos To Family Tree

    Anyone else having problems uploading photos to the Family Tree? It used to work fine but now it just seems to say "Loading..." forever and the photos never actually upload.

    I tried following the instructions here: on how to report a website fault but I get stuck at this point:

    * Go to
    * Click on Other Topics (bottom right of the 8 options within the first half of the page)
    * In the section that opens below, click on Technical (THE WORD TECHNICAL DOES NOT APPEAR ON THIS PAGE)
    * Enter your kit number, name, email address, error/issue details and attach a screen shot
    * Click Submit

    So not sure where to submit the problem. Is anyone else able to upload photos?

    Cheers. Graeme

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    Hi Graeme,
    I haven't tried to upload photos, so can't help you there. But for reporting a problem:
    The instructions at the link were from two years ago, so that page has probably changed since then.
    • Try clicking on "Open a Request" under the third green heading, "Support."
    • A form will open, which has a drop-down menu. There is again no choice for "Technical," but perhaps the choice of "MyFamily Tree/GEDCOM Questions" will do for you (I think these choices change over time).
    • Fill in the rest of the form and submit.

    You should get a confirmation email with a ticket number fairly quickly, and a reply within a couple of days (in my own experience).


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      I've tried that a couple of times but I never get a confirmation email. Doesn't go to spam or junk, it just never arrives.

      So I've submitted it again, got a ticket number, but again no confirmation email...

      Maybe support have responded to me but I can't tell? Is there any way to view tickets online? I can't see it...