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I like the new Pedigree View, but

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  • I like the new Pedigree View, but

    it's a shame that the old way of looking at the tree with only ancestors shown vertically seems to be gone. When looking at trees I would immediately switch to the Ancestors' view, select about 6 generations and then reduce the size until it showed when and where people were born. It takes a lot more clicking now to see that information when there are 30+ people on a tree only to find none of them are from the continent, let alone country, that I am interested in.

    I'd like the old view to remain as an option.

    Also, if we can now look at the tree on its side, it would be good to be able to see more than 4 generations at a time.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Ancestry View was not something that should have been deleted.

    My usual way looking at someone's tree is to set to Ancestry, change to max generations, and scan surnames at the top. Now, with pedigree, I'm supposed to click on every single individual pedigree strand to trace them, and even then it doesn't go all the generations out?

    This is not an improvement. This is sabotage.


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      Originally posted by dewsloth View Post

      My usual way looking at someone's tree is to set to Ancestry, change to max generations, and scan surnames at the top. Now, with pedigree, I'm supposed to click on every single individual pedigree strand to trace them, and even then it doesn't go all the generations out?
      Yes, exactly.

      Most of the time I don't recognise a surname, but I might recognise a village in Yorkshire. Now there's no way to quickly scan where people think their ancestors are from or their dates of birth without clicking on e..v..e..r..y s..i..n..g..l..e o..n..e.


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        At last! The horizontal pedigree view has been on many people's wish list since the last big "upgrade" made the family trees almost unusable. However, the display can and should be improved to include place names, as is done by other web sites. Even without place names, this change greatly improves usability. It is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time trying to move the display around in an attempt to locate the next ancestral generation. The ancestral names can now be viewed in a couple seconds.


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          Great!!! I love it!

          But why does it always take so long to load, if it loads at all? Am I the only one who has problems with the amount of time it takes and some trees never loading at all? It doesn't matter what view.

          It would be nice if they would put the name of the person's tree at the top. I had to leave my computer and when I came back I had no idea whose tree I had loaded.

          And it would be really nice if we could set the view we prefer as the default view so we wouldn't have to wait for one view to load before we could switch to our favorite view. Different people prefer different things. Of course, if each view would load in a second, it wouldn't matter, but I hate sitting here waiting and then sometimes it never loads even if you leave it for half an hour.

          And, of course, it would be nice if we knew which trees contain only a single person! Or better, if we could tell how many people were in the tree.


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            You are not the only one to see slow or no loading...

            I usually give up, as this feature randomly stalls beyond my limit (about 5 minutes). There are many things about the presentation already mentioned here that I do not like, but the main problem is just getting to see the thing.
            (I was a PC support person for over 20 years and have some background in judging these things from both the user and programmer side.)


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              I usually give up too after a few seconds, but I decided to leave one tree once just to see how long it took and it never loaded.

              Some of them do load however. But all of them should!

              I'm not a computer person, but if Ancestry and other websites can get their trees to load almost instantaneously, why can't FTDNA?

              Why do they think people pay for high speed internet service? If we enjoyed sitting around waiting for pages to load, we'd still be using dial-up!


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                The trees load quickly for me, but only 4 generations. Then I have to go through each line and click on it to see more generations. What a waste of time.

                I also get quite a few "You do not have permission to see this tree". Why....


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                  locations? PLEASE??!!

                  I do prefer the new horizontal view. but PLEASE, PLEASE put locations back on the display and allow us to see more generations! As someone else said, sometimes you don't recognize a surname, but a location will tip you off to a possible connection. With some surnames, they're common enough that if it isn't in one of your locations, it doesn't bear time even clicking on. I would venture to say that by 150-200 years ago the vast majority of our ancestors came from small, ENDOGAMOUS villages or communities. Therefore, a location is extremely helpful. MORE helpful than surname.


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                    New pedigree chart

                    Hear hear! What I do like is that for me these seem to load much faster and more reliably than the old ones, where half never would load at all, the rest far too slow. But with the old format I would (if I got a tree at all) increase the generations and click on Show detail so the locations would all be visible at once, which as people have said, is a HUGE time saver.


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                      It is an improvement, in that it does at least upload, and I prefer a straight pedigree tree to be displayed horizontally (with a smidgeon more detail such as location).

                      I do think the 4 generations or whatever is limiting. Only 1% of the matches for the kits I manage appear descended from the same gtgt-grandparents or sooner.


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                        I see 5 generations and, if there are more than 5, there is an arrow beside each person in the 5th generation, which allows you to expand the tree for the person, just like at Ancestry. Try grabbing the chart and dragging to the left to see the 5th generation and the arrows, if it goes beyond 5.


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                          I meant four generations up from an individual to their gtgt-grandparents.

                          I've just had to click on almost all of someone's gtgt-grandparents to see a surname that could be the link.


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                            Improvements urgently needed

                            I'm one of the users who has been asking for pedigree view, and I was intially pleased to see it, but the way it is implemented makes it almost useless. It is ESSENTIAL to see places (without having to click on a name), the last column of names MUST show dates (and places) without being clicked on, and no continuation arrow should appear if there are no more generations to show. Until these problems are fixed, pedigree view is actually WORSE than the previous ancestry view. I'd also strongly support making both views available and letting users choose. Also, ANY view of a tree needs to identify at the top of the page whose tree it is.


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                              In my opinion, the pedigree view is not worse and not useless, but it does need the simple improvements that have been mentioned here. The additional information can be accommodated by reducing the "padding" and/or "top/bottom margins" in the boxes on the chart, and by tweaking font selections and sizes. The needed improvements are entirely feasible and should be made now, before the corporate memory of how the current pedigree view works has been allowed to fade.