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  • ***** Added you to their tree?

    Got an a mail that my mom (whose kit I manage) was added to someone's tree. When I click the link, it takes me to "Houston we have a problem". I have tried searching, but she doesn't have a match with the exact name given. Checked three that were similar, but got nowhere.

    Any ideas?

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    The Family Tree in the kit will let you know there is a possible match to a name you just added to a tree. Say you added a John Smith as a great grandfather and there is a possible match to your kit to someone living with that name, the program will let you know. It is very flawed because clearly it won't be the same person as you are adding an ancestor while the match is a living person.

    I don't know the specifics of how the Family Tree program determines a possible match. The problem then becomes some people don't realize this and go ahead and add the link to the fake match. This is what caused you to get this message. Someone must have added someone to their tree with the same name as your mother.


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      I understand the process, but I would still expect that a) the link doesn't lead to an error page and b) there would be an actual match with that name.

      Even if they linked to someone else with the same name, the link should be to the kit, not the name.


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        I can't be sure but the problem might be that the person it leads to is someone who has their kit set to not allow others to view their tree. If you are not really a match and their kit only allows matches to see the tree, then you get the error page.


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          That might make sense! Thanks.


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            And it's still buggy

            I get the "Houston" message randomly in response to all kinds of requests. When I go back and try later I'm often successful.