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  • email won't work

    I am trying to contact a cousin. In setting up my email, I type in my pops up correct. But then it refuses my password. I have put the correct password in numerous times and it keeps telling me it is wrong.
    Now what?

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    Are you trying to log onto your email account? Make sure when you are trying to log on, that you put the whole email address. So if your email address was [email protected] make sure you don't just try to log on as myemail. Type the whole address.

    Another thing is that you might have accidentally turned on your Capslock key. So even if you typed your password correctly, the computer might be using capital letters instead of lower case. So make sure to check if you have that on and turn it off.


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      Are you trying to email one of your DNA matches by clicking on the envelope icon? Depending on how you have your web browser set up to handle email addresses, it is sometimes easiest to right click on the envelope icon of your match and choose the Copy Email Address option. You can then paste the email address directly into your email program.

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