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Where Oh Where Did the Little Kit Go

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  • Where Oh Where Did the Little Kit Go

    On Wednesday, August 24th my wife ordered a Family Finder kit. It was delivered on Friday, August 26. On Saturday, August 27 she collected her sample and I took the kit to the post office and was told it would be in Saturday's outgoing mail.

    My sister-in-law has recently retired as our postmaster so I know that our outgoing mail leaves our post office every evening except Sunday and go directly to Houston that evening.

    I have checked USPS's tracking system everyday, starting Monday, August 29th.

    Everyday I see the same message:
    "August 25, 2016 - Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item".

    The clerk at our local post office should have scanned the kit when I gave it to her, but she didn't. She was working the Saturday mail by herself, putting the mail, which had arrived late because of delays between our post office and Houston, into the PO Boxes. It should have been scanned when it reached the distribution center in Houston. It should have been scanned when it left the distribution center on the way to the local post office near FTDNA. It should have been scanned when it reached the local office, again when it went out for deliver and one more time when it was delivered.

    The kit went from Houston to my mailbox in two days but it hasn't gotten back to FTDNA in six days and no one seems to know where it is. I did check with our local post office today.

    I received two packages using UPS on Thursday, August 25th. They both had an original expected delivery date of Tuesday, August 30th. Tracking was accurate all of the way. Maybe FTDNA should switch to UPS.

    Yes, I well aware of the crap that goes on between the USPS and FTDNA. Our Federal Government at work. Don't you just love it.

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    Down the Rabbit Hole

    I feel your pain Jim. The USPS - FTDNA relationship doesn't seem to be working that is for sure.


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      At Long Last

      FTDNA now shows they have received the kit, 6 days after it was mailed and six days after it should have been received by the USPS distribution center in Houston.

      Tracking? What tracking? USPS shows no tracking information after I delivered the package to the Post Office last Saturday. Based on tracking in was never received by my local post office, the Houston distribution, FTDNA's local branch post office and it wasn't delivered to them. But they have it.

      How do you spell real tracking? UPS or Fed Ex!


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        Good result in the end for you Jim.

        I mailed my kit back Aug 2. USPS tracking records it as delivered Aug 25 but FTDNA still doesn't show that it has been received. Maybe USPS delivered it to a dumpster somewhere.

        My DNA genealogy experience so far isn't what I was hoping for I'm afraid.


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          I'm not quite as bad as John Snow, but I received my kit on the 24th and dropped it in the mailbox at the PO the next morning. Still no update for tracking or at FTDNA. I ordered my wife and grandmother a kit later that week and theirs are already batched!


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            At last

            Although not yet batched my kit was finally marked as received at FTDNA today.

            Hopefully you've had similar luck high734!?


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              I did in fact get the same response. Batched as 693.


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                I mailed my kit back the day day I received it but the tracking still doesn't show delivered over 12 days later. I emailed FTDNA to ask if I would receive an email saying it was received and got an email saying it was received after that....not sure if its a coincidence or not. Still shows "0" though!