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  • Surnames in common

    When I find a group of people who relate "in common" to a given Family Finder match, I would like the system to tell me if any of THOSE people have a surname in common with each other. Right now I only get a bold surname if it is already on my surname list. I have to manually look at each person, write down all the names in their surname list, and compare it to all the others for commonality. Hope I made myself clear, what I am requesting.

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    I was just wishing this earlier myself today.

    And I sure don't like what happens now when you try to copy and paste a match's list of surnames!

    Before they made the recent changes, I could copy and paste a list of surnames that was in alphabetical order and had a punctuation mark between each surnames.

    Now I get a complete mess!!! Very hard to compare 5 lists of surnames when none of them are in alphabetical order and you can't tell where one name ends and another begins!!!

    So they should do the comparisons for us!