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mtDNA FMS matches incorrect for some new test results

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  • mtDNA FMS matches incorrect for some new test results

    This appears to be the same bug that FTDNA had earlier this year with mtDNA matches. In some new FMS test results, on the RSRS results tab, these three markers are listed as extra mutations "C146T, C152T, C16189T", but these are not listed as extra mutations for older FMS test results. The result is that the Genetic Distance appears to be increased by 3 steps for some matches. One of my project members has submitted a bug report with the an example of the kit numbers that have the inconsistent list of extra mutations.

    Hopefully this is an easy and quick bug fix.

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    I looked at some more mismatches and the error is not the same in each case. I found two kits with identical FMS results but who incorrectly have a genetic distance of 2.

    The extra mutations for the older kit are listed first, and the new kit with results completed July 25, 2016 are listed second. In this case C146T and C152T are identical in both results but are incorrectly counted as a GD of 2.

    315.1C, 522.1A, 522.2C, C16519T
    C146T, C152T, 315.1C, 522.1A, 522.2C, C16519T