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Not sure if this has been discussed,

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  • Not sure if this has been discussed,

    or which thread would be the right one.

    My ex-wife did DNA testing @ 23 and me and among her results was a 2 point whatever per cent Neanderthal. Not unusual as most European lines have between 1 and 4%, but...

    I've done the Y111, Full Sequence Mt, and Family Finder, and results show no Neanderthal. So my question is am I an "AKC Pure Blood" (gee, maybe I should be put out to stud ) or does Family Tree not test/report this portion of our genetic make up. Which would be odd since it would be just as much of my make up as my 94% British Isles.

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    FTDNA doesn't test for Neanderthal DNA and therefore can't report it. The same goes for AncestryDNA. 23andMe is the only one of the three commercial companies which includes that in their test results.


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      google neanderthal admixture calculator, if curious about your percentage.

      Not sure how accurate tool is but....


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        FTDNA focuses on rather recent ancestry (e.g., 500 years ago), whereas the Neanderthal admixture occurred roughly 50,000 years ago.


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          That's what I thought. Guess no being put out to stud then.


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            Gee, that's interesting...

            posted the above reply and got dumped into the Spanish version of FamilyTreeDNA. Good thing I speak/read a couple of languages.


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              Maybe you somehow accidentally selected the language picker at the bottom of the page? Either way you can change it at the bottom.


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                Thanks Guys

                Found neanderthal admixture calculator and it shows ~2% Neanderthal, but also shows some Denisovan, which is odd since they are only supposed to show up in Asians. I don't have any known Asian, just British Isles, Western European, and Scandinavian.