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New Family Tree feature - slow server!!!

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  • New Family Tree feature - slow server!!!

    I have been trying to use the new Family Tree feature to add known relatives I've tested. First, the sort feature is terrible. Known relatives are not the first listed - as they should be if you are trying to add them. One has to scroll through the pages to find the relatives - and bizarrely, the people are listed alphabetically by first name!!! You have to scroll through all the pages to find someone. Especially annoying if you have tested distant relatives but know how they are related. I have over 1,000 pages to scroll through to find them!
    Then, even bigger problem - trying to pull up their page from the "search name" feature almost always hangs. Hanging occurs either right away so you can never pull up the person, or it hangs after you have tried to drag the person over to their spot on the tree. So far, I am able to add only one person/day - and I have 15 tested and known relatives. Very aggravating. Hope FTDNA fixes very soon, or feature is useless.

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    Have you tried it using a different browser? Sometimes that helps with such problems.

    Unlike you, I don't have known distant relatives that are tested, but I have added close and immediate relatives. The drop-down "Relationship" box worked for me to sort them out.

    To simulate your problem, I tried using the search feature for "All" with surnames of a couple of my most distant matches, and it worked quickly for me. I also tried sorting first using "Distant," and it reduced my list from 79 pages to 4. This was all using Safari on a Mac, but I also tried it using Firefox and it worked the same.

    I agree, it would be helpful if the matches were arranged by last name first, as they are in the Chromosome Browser match list. You could try submitting a suggestion by using the Feedback form.


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      Hi KATM,
      Good suggestion. I tried that. Just called Support and they had the same problem with my tree hanging. Forwarded to IT.

      Separately, I also mentioned the useless sort feature for dragging matches to the tree. Currently it sorts alphabetically by first name and includes one's entire match list. I have never heard of sorting by first name!!! Plus, I have over 1,100 pages of matches!!! (I'm Jewish. We're all related. )
      In fact, it only makes sense to have known relatives in the pull down since they are the only ones that can be added anyway. If you don't already have them in your Gedcom, how would you know where to add them? So the only names necessary are known relatives, no matter how distant.
      This is a basic feature programming error. No thought went into actual functionality.
      This is also a technical problem for the regular match list. Rather than scrolling through thousands of pages, there should be a way to jump ahead - either go straight to a page or straight to a letter of the alphabet, as when the sort is by surname. Right now, one can only advance 5 pages at a time. But I have had relatives on page 270, for example.
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