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Missing New Y-DNA Matches?

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  • Missing New Y-DNA Matches?

    I just noticed that a few days ago I got a notification and email of two new Y-DNA matches - one at the 25 level and one at 12. However, when I click to see the new matches, there are not any new matches listed. What gives?

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    Have you sorted your match list by date?


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      Yes, I've tried sorting by match date. The only matches I have are listed as having the initial match date of when my test was completed, 7/10/2016.


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        Try putting a date...

        in the "Since" box when running the Matches Report.


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          The match email tells you the number of markers for the new match. Something like you have a new 25 marker match. When you search for that match are you looking at your matches for that level?

          How many markers do you have in your results?


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            I've tested at 67 markers. The email told me that I had a match at 25 and at 12, but there are no new matches listed at any level.

            If I click on the notification icon, it tells me I have 2 new matches. Then when I click on that message, it automatically goes through all levels looking for recent matches, but in my case it comes up empty.

            Here is a screen grab:


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              Try choosing 25 markers from the drop down &
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