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Manage extended family DNA results?

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  • Manage extended family DNA results?

    Through great effort I finally acquired my uncle's DNA sample and sent it in to be tested. He is not interested in genetic genealogy so I will manage his results. I hope and assume FTDNA has a built-in way for me to do it. For starters, I was given a “kit number” and a password for that account, but I am not comfortable masquerading as my uncle which it appears I am forced to do. I also had to log in with a different browser in order to preserve my auto-login. He is a grouchy old guy so I did not use his address or any identifying information. In fact I am a little confused about how to do this. The sample is in but I am waiting for your advice before I order the test. Thank you.

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    There is no problem with your approach. Thousands on here sponsor relatives to test. The email address can be yours and the name in the profile can either be his name or a format of his name c/o your name. (Where c/o is short for care of).

    In your emails, just be up front about who you are in the text, or you can make a short description in the profile text portion. You are not pretending anything if you are candid in your communications.


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      Thank you. Are you saying I should open a new account for each kit number with my uncle's name c/o myself, each account being separate and unattached to my family member? That seems a little unwieldy especially as I plan to be involved with several extended family members. Has FTDNA not made a dedicated system to group manage numerous DNA results?


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        Each kit number is tied to one person who has supplied a DNA sample. Since you will manage multiple kits, they all can have your email and address information.

        The closest thing FTDNA has to group multiple kits is creating a group project. Read this thread about that topic. It is not the same thing as what you want, but it is the closest FTDNA has to offer.