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    My siblings and children all have ff accounts. I have taken the mtdna test and my brother and son have taken the Y111 test. Once our relationships are confirmed I think we should be able to inherit the test results from each other - for example there is no reason for my sister and daughters to take the mtdna test as their results will be the same as mine but mine don't show on their profile. I should also be able in inherit my brother's Y test results as they are indicative of my father's line. I think this would he helpful information if someone was a match to one of us who did not specifically take the test but would have the same result.

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    What I do is to put these tested haplogroups in the "about" section of the profiles of the pertinent related accounts. People would see this when they click on your name in their matches list.

    For example, I say that the haplogroup is (name of haplogroup) because a specific relative tested and got the result. Example: "My haplogroup is K1a3, as known from a mtFullSequence test done by my mother."

    It seems that what you may be suggesting is some way for FTDNA to have a place to enter a known haplogroup (but untested in the particular individual), so it will show as if that person had tested, such as under the email address in the top part of a profile, or seen when you click on the "x" in the matches list.

    I'm not sure anything like that will happen, because someone might make a mistake and assign a haplogroup to the wrong person, make a typo, etc., and it would look just the same as the result from an actual test. It could be a cause of confusion.


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      I do as KATM suggested, that is embed in a profile haplogroup information inferred from other family member tests.

      I would like to stress that you are right the haplogroup would be the same. However, if real tests (mtDNA or Y-DNA STRs) were to be taken, their results could be different between siblings or for parent/child (and matches would be different too).

      Moreover, as back-mutations cannot be excluded, if the results are different you cannot really tell with either mtDNA or Y-DNA STRs which set of results is closer to the one ancestors had.

      Mr W