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Request: let us see matches' full ancestry comp

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  • Request: let us see matches' full ancestry comp

    The MyOrigins view of the ancestries of matches is utterly useless.
    Please default it to show the full MyOrigins for all matches.

    Why is such a basic thing:
    1. made an opt in instead of opt out and couched behind weird language that scares almost everyone off for zero reason

    2. still utterly useless even if everyone opted in since just shows that largest group and then only if you also share that largest group. They are 100% or 90% European. How does that help anything at all? How does that help one make sense of matches? Plus how does that help one get a sense of how MyOrigins assigns various categories to people of various backgrounds. Thankfully we tested with Geno 2.0 NG so we get to see the reference group results and have a clue how to interpret the results but poor FTDNA testers are left utterly clueless as to what their results mean since have no way to see what ratios might be typical for people from a certain area at all and thus you see the forums filled with "these results are awful, MyOrigins is the worst of all the tests" even though the results very often actually make totally sense (as I can see at times by using the extra info Geno 2.0 NG gives you). It would be really helpful for everyone to get to see this stuff.

    3. I can't fathom talk that some complained about severe privacy concerns. Huh? You are already agreeing to be matched to people so concern is there if someone sees someone is say a bit Iberian vs Eastern European??? What is the dark secret there? Huh? Even newly privacy crazed 23andme after FDA crackdown still has zero problem with letting people see the complete detailed breakdown of all shares (and they even plan to bring back the chromosome painting version too).

    If someone is that who knows what over why about someone seeing someone's ancestry why not just give them an option to ask to opt out? Why ruin it for everyone because 5 people have some concern? If someone is so crazy they need to keep it secret that they are not a pure race or so ashamed of something for no reason why should the 99.9% who are not have to suffer for it. If someone is in some location where it could somehow be dangerous, those secrets might be revealed by who matches who in the database so they really shouldn't be in FF to begin with. Plus none of those reasons get solved by the current system anyone since you can already see if someone is not 100% of something and the break down of what different bits someone might have or not have is totally arbitrary. Why is it OK to see that someone is Say European and Africa or Native American and Asian or any such overall category level thing but then suddenly seeing Iberian vs. British and Irish percent matters? If someone needs for some reason to keep something utterly hidden who is to say this arbitrary choice even does it for them?

    You can still give them their privacy and not have it hurt anyone else. Just give them a special opt out feature.

    Nothing about it makes any sense at all.

    Why not just delete the entire FamilyFinder database. Someone might not want to appear in there so why not just ban everyone from appearing there instead of just giving an opt out.

    In this way FamilyFinder is so much worse than even the new bungled 23andme DNAR.
    Last edited by wombat; 20 July 2016, 12:37 AM.