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Feature Request: Ability to Delete Matches

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  • Feature Request: Ability to Delete Matches

    I suggest that Family Tree add the Delete Matches feature that Ancestry DNA has.

    I've recently been able to find my birthfather through Ancestry, but looking back I would never, ever have been able to do it with Family Tree.

    99% of my matches on Family Tree are from a highly endogamic group. Looking at my family tree now after discovering my birthfather and birthmother, I do not have any ancestor who were a member of that group back until at least the 1700s. However, I have many, many 3rd to 5th cousins on FTDNA that are 100% from that group.

    Realistically, I have about 20 solid matches on FTDNA who actually are related within 6 generations. I have over 2000 matches. In the last week, I have received over 50 matches including multiple 3rd to 5th cousins- none of which could have possibly helped me in my search.

    Having to go through all of the 2000 matches to find the 20 or so that are not members of that endogamic group has been difficult.

    I actually put together a MySQL database to integrate all of my match data from Ancestry, 23&Me and FTDNA, and honestly the only reason that was necessary was that 23&Me and FTDNA was giving me so many bogus matches.

    I would have saved so much time to have not tested with FTDNA or 23&Me and just used Ancestry.

    If FTDNA isn't going to filter matches like Ancestry does, then a delete button would be so helpful.

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    Deleting? No.

    Hiding? Yes. But then only with some options, maybe with tags that users can customize.

    So more precisely, deleting is a bad idea. Having ability to categorize matches, and then display them based on those (user chosen) criteria is an idea that needs to be considered. And rather sooner than later, as new testers will find FTDNA unmanageable when hit with thousands of matches on their first day...

    Mr W


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      Ancestry doesn't technically delete matches, but the icon to remove a match is a trash can. Those matches can still be accessed with the link to the removed matches.