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    Since the latest changes I have only received two matches and it doesn't matter what date I enter. I am not liking the changes at this point in time. The first thing I always do first is check new matches and the last few weeks have been disappointing

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    Not sure when the change came into effect. But I've gotten 34 matches since June 1st with 7 of them being since July 1st. Maybe no one in your lines has tested just recently.


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      28 matches since June 30th. (1608 total over 5 years).


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        No member of my family has gotten more than 3 new matches, but my mother only has 631 matches and that's more than the rest of us have. My father has only 69 matches.


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          I check my brother's matches:

          His total matches: 2067 45 since June 1st and 28 Smith, 17 Brown, 14 Jones

          My total matches: 1899 34 since June 1st and 22 Smith, 17 Williams, 15 Jones.

          I just thought the difference in common names was interesting. I wonder what I can do with it, if anything.