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can't see profiles or create own tree

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  • can't see profiles or create own tree

    Not sure if I'm the only one, but since these tree changes I can't create my own tree or look at anyone's profiles. The white strip on my display [detailed view-shared tree-upload gedcom-settings-help]is on top of anything I try to look at, covering dates, etc. When I try to create my own tree, I click on my person to add info and the six circles are all obscured but the two on bottom [two are offscreen and two are covered by this white strip]. Can't do anything. Anyone know if this is just my problem or something familytreedna is working on? I thought I saw a post about this but am unable to find it again[using IE11].
    Thank you.

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    I had the same problem. When I used Ctrl + it immediately enlarged the view. I used Ctrl + some time ago for easier readability.


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      thanks for help dmhagen, but I tried that and it enlarges everything, but the info I need to see is still covered with the white strip. won't be able to do any research if this is not remedied.


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        was unable to edit my last post, so will make a new one to thank you, dmhagen, for the tip, because although enlarging my screen did not help, I went back and tried to shrink everything and was able to see people's profiles and start creating my own tree, so thank you. will just have to squint for now