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Now All The Surname Lists Are Gone!

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  • Now All The Surname Lists Are Gone!

    I can't view the surname lists for any of my matches! Nothing but slashes.

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    Mine are showing fine. (Using Google Chrome) Are yours back?
    If not - what browser are you using? (in case that is making the difference).


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      Must be a Firefox problem. I just tried Chrome and the surnames are there.


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        Originally posted by MoberlyDrake View Post
        Must be a Firefox problem. I just tried Chrome and the surnames are there.
        I'm having the same problem in Firefox.


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          I experienced this problem in Firefox briefly this afternoon, but when I refreshed the screen everything was fine.

          I just checked again and it still looks OK. (In addition, a surname list display bug that I reported yesterday now seems to be fixed.)

          If you refresh your browser do you still see this problem?


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            It's fine now. But earlier I tried logging out and logging in again and that didn't help. I just logged in again and the surnames are there.


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              The names are back, but the surnames that are being highlighted are no longer the ones from my ancestral surnames list. Some of them are surnames I've never heard of before (Nanapashamet) and I don't think any are even in my extended family tree.


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                I entered all my surnames twice from the Profile "edit surnames" area two different weeks, and both times they vanished within days. The most recent time was around when this thread started (it took a long time for me to get approved to post in the forum).

                My surnames have not come back.


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                  I retyped all the surnames a third time a couple weeks ago, and they stuck for a while, but today I looked and it says:

                  "You have not entered your ancestral surnames. Doing so will help you find the genealogical connection with your genetic matches."

                  Thanks, FTDNA!!


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                    Surname Lists have vanished in all the accounts I manage also

                    This is not a Browser issue, they are not just missing in the display--Surnames are missing in the account settings. I did not keep a list of what I had, so will need to recreate for each account.

                    Has the functionality for entering also changed? I thought you could upload a spreadsheet of names. Now it is focused on uploading manually and then DOWNLOADING the list. Am I mis-remembering what was there before?

                    Perhaps this is a change related to the addition of surnames for individuals on the Family Tree? Unfortunately the update there is manual also. I'm hoping they will add an upload function, this could be very tedious to add manually.

                    I also add the location my family has this surname (historic and current) and find the geographic info very useful in searching my matches for potential connections.

                    I've been told by FTDNA this is still available, but I can't search by geography in either standard or advanced searches--is anyone able to reliably search on locations there?

                    I have opened tickets for my accounts (under the Contact Link) I would recommend that, they do not seem to consistently monitor the forums(except for Darren, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for conveying our issues!).

                    It is important to let other users know what problems you are experiencing so we can see if it is just us or widespread, and also learn workarounds, but for reporting bugs and problems, we are preaching to the choir in the Forums--need to inform FTDNA also.

                    Open a request under the Contact us link so they can tell how widespread the issue is. Support organizations usually monitor submitted request metrics, this could help Support make the case for additional help.

                    I'm an FTDNA fan, but I hope to see them be more aware of viewing changes and issues from their customer's POV


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                      When the new FF version was introduced, I deleted all my old Family tree gedcoms and uploaded them new to each kit. I had the experience, that the surname list filled itself with the names of my gedcoms - a feature FTDNA had some years ago and which I found very practical.

                      Perhaps it only goes like that now? I do not know (and do not like to do all that upload-work again), but I could be worth an attempt? Make sure that the kit donor, who gave the DNA (and not owner) is the main person in your gedcom then...
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                        Checked some of mine earlier today, and the ones I looked at were all there.