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"Search" on Family Finder's New Format

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  • "Search" on Family Finder's New Format

    I very much like that we can now search for a name in Ancestral Surnames, or in the Name Field, OR simultaneously in either.

    However - Search has to work.

    Having accidentally discovered two profiles that Search could not see, I have just spent time checking the first twenty profiles on the first page of my Kit -- and five of those twenty cannot be found by Search.

    Five out of twenty - that is 25%.

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    Checked on of the ones I could never find on several kits - found it on my kit today.
    Could not recall all five I had discovered - but the four I could remember each showed now on search. Yay!
    I sure hope this it totally fixed.
    Wonder what was causing the problem?


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      I wish you could still search by location as you could with the old ancestral surnames box.


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        I always considered that to be a bug. I put in letters that were to be a name or part of a name - and got a gazillions hits where it appeared in the location. Very, very annoying.

        Please make the request not to go back to how it was, but instead to have an actual search on the location. If they can now look at Ancestral Surnames and tell which part is actually the Name Field as opposed to the Location Field then they should be able to program it so you can search separately on the Location Field part of it as well. Or would this not be at least as satisfactory to you?


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          I have sent in a request for a search by location box.


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            Search by Location

            I also wish we could still search by location.


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              Me too! I would really like a location option, it would help my searches no end. Me - mostly in the UK.