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"In common" option needs improvement

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  • "In common" option needs improvement

    Currently it seems like the "In common" function doesn't work the way it used to. Before the update, I could search for a match by name and then choose the "in common" option and it would list all matches in common with that match from my entire list. Now, it only pulls "In common" matches from the search I used to find the match I wanted to select for "in common", not from my whole match database. Please fix this so that it works the way it used to.

    For example, now:

    I use the surname search bar to pull up a match whose "in common" matches I want to find. Several matches come up with that surname somewhere in their profile. I click the check mark next to the person I want, and select "In common" at the top. It only gives me this person's in common matches from the list that came up when I searched for the person's surname. Not very helpful and in fact misleading.

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    in common with and not in common with have changed

    I was contacted by a remote match (speculative, according to the new format) prior to the change and I was able to easily find the "in common with" matches, which were actually promising. Now when looking at this person, there are no matches in common. When checking to see matches "not in common with" there are no results either, whereas there would have been numerous ones in the prior format. That makes no sense...why offer that option if it doesn't produce?

    I hope that they can do something about it as it was one of the benefits of FTDNA for me, in one case connecting with someone with whom I share a common ancestor from the late 1600s. What was helpful was finding "matches in common" that would point, however vaguely, to one branch in the tree.


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      Missing Matches and ICW Matches

      Agree with everything said here. Cannot find some matches through the search function, and cannot access ICW matches.