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  • Known Relationships - Parent/Child

    Okay, how do you add a relationship between a parent and a child? If my mother adds me as a "son", I get a request confirmation notice, but when I confirm that, then on my matches it now lists my mother as being my "son".

    It seems you can only have Son/Son or Mother/Mother as confirmed relationships between a mother and a son. What is the deal with that?

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    It used to function properly, but it's been broken for quite some time now. It also happens when attempting to select a known relationship for a sister & brother, or an aunt & nephew et cetera. Unfortunately, unless the relationship is going to be the same selection on both kits (i.e. 1st cousin & 1st cousin) it doesn't work.


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      In April, I posted a solution that has worked for me. See

      Basically, you need to change the relationship in the Known Relationship section, Pending Relationships tab to do this so it will work. You have to change the relationship on both ends, to what it is for each person.


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        Thanks, KATM! That workaround worked for me!