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Request for changes to "sorting" options

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  • Request for changes to "sorting" options

    Please FTDNA,

    When sorting by "Match Date", I can see no usefulness in sorting in chronological order. Whenever I log in I want to see the most recent matches first and have to click on this twice. Please change this feature to "Most recent first."

    When sorting by "Shared cM", please sort from high to low as the first option. I don't know why anyone would want to see the smallest matches first.


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    I completely agree with ToddH. The sorting default needs to be reversed. I clicked once on the X-Match column and up comes matches that are NOT a match on the X. You have to click it a second time to have the X-matches show up.


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      I said the same thing in a different thread. It doesn't make any sense to have it the way it is now.


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        What about Relationship Range?

        I sort to get new matches first, then click "in common with". Then I want to sort so that my closest in common with matches are at the top, but clicking "Relationship Range", puts my most distant matches at the top, so I have to click again.

        I'm thinking that whoever designed this never works with DNA!


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          Thank you! Sorting by match date in Family Finder is now in reverse chronological order on the first click. Seems like a minor detail but it makes a big difference!