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Cannot find advanced search dna match people

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  • Cannot find advanced search dna match people

    Maybe I am doing something wrong. I using the search bar at the top of the page after logging in, then using the advanced search selection to choose dna matches only. This feature looks like it is searching through family trees to find a match. I see my family members trees so i figure this feature is working so far, but also a few others. Under "Source" it shows "john Doe's tree" for example. I can view his tree and see the name match that was posted. However, i cant figure out how to find "John Doe" who owns this tree. There is no link in this feature to connect me to him, and I cannot find him when i search from my Matches page. Weirdly enough, there are also two entries that say i cannot view these people's trees because i am not a dna match, even though I selected dna matches only.???

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    a feature I have never noticed. Next time I have lots of free time, will have to check it out.