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    While I was looking on my male cousin's match information, I noticed that cousin B now matched to my brother in law!! I checked my information, and BIL also matched me as of 2/2/2016. When I went back to Cousin B's information, BIL had vanished from his matches. Is this normal?
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    Are you looking at Y-DNA matches, mtDNA matches or Family Finder matches?

    Did the match that disappeared change their match setting?


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      Sorry -

      It was a Family Finder match that also had triangulated with another known male cousin in the Cousin B set. Now, BIL only matches me in my FF rselts, not in my male cousin's....

      "Did the match that disappeared change their match setting?" Not sure what you mean by this...

      Thanks for responding...
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        Each person can set their "Match and Email Setting" to control if they are seen as a match. If they change their setting from Yes to No you would no longer see them as a match.


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          One way to tell if a match that disappears from match list has changed their level of matching, is to run advanced matching.

          If this matches name shows up on list greyed out with only last name showing, you will know they have disable matching for that level.