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No password email after new autosomal upload

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  • No password email after new autosomal upload

    I have tried twice in the past three days to add my mother's Ancestry autosomal DNA kit to FTDNA. The upload is working fine. Each time that I've created the new account (with my name and email as the account manager) a new kit number starting with "B" has been generated. No, I have not been logged on using my own FTDNA account at the time.

    The system is supposed to generate an email to me with the kit number and -- very important -- password. That email has never come. I have checked my spam folder numerous times -- nothing from FTDNA in it. All my other email (Gmail) seems to be coming through just fine. Not that it should matter, but I'm using Chrome v.48 on a 64-bit Win7 Pro OS. Pop-up blocker disabled for all familytreedna domain addresses.

    Right after uploading the Ancestry data, the site shows me logged on to the new account with the new Bxxxxx kit number showing. I can navigate around and see that the account has my correct name and email. I can also access the "change password" page, but of course I can't see the existing system-generated password. I have tried logging off the new account and then requesting a password reset, but that email never comes through, either.

    Something is seriously broken. Thanks for looking into it -- I am eager to give FTDNA another $39 so I can phase my results.

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    Strange. They could be going through some changes and therefore something isn't working right. Have you tried customer support?

    On the top of this page, click on Customer Support. Then in the Support section click on Open a request. For category, I think Transfers would be the right one. Let them know the issue and you should hear back from them through that email address of yours. When they reply, just reply back through that same email you received if you need to answer any of their questions. You won't hear anything from them during the weekend, only the weekdays.


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      Have you ever click the unsubscribe link in any FTDNA email?

      I had this problem with a transfer due to unsubscribing my email, thinking it would only unsubscribe a certain tests notifications, but it stopped all emails from FTDNA, resulting in the failure of transfer kits password being sent.

      I had to contact FTDNA to remove email from Block/unsubscribe lists as well as have them resend a new password.
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