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    My acct is not showing new matches. Do I actually have to test with this company to get new matches because I downloaded my dna from another website.

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    FTDNA offers free transfer of autosomal DNA from Ancestry and transfers from National Geographic. Which did you transfer?

    The free Ancestry transfer only provides limited matching information with your top 20 matches. You can get full matching by buying the $39 upgrade.


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      I transfered from 23andme. I paid the 39.00 and have not had any new matches since I downloaded my DNA. I have new matches from Gedmatch that tested at FTDNA but they are not showing up on my matches. I have been getting matches daily from Ancestry and 23 but nothing from FTDNA. Frustrating when I am searching for my birth father by dna only.


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        Only certain test results from 23and Me are compatible with the FTDNA datbase. The compatible results were tested on the v3 chip. If you have results from the v2 or v4 testing chips at 23andMe, your results aren't compatible and you won't get any matches.

        The v3 chip was used by 23andMe from about the spring of 2010 until about Nov., 2013. If you tested at 23andMe before 2010 or since 2014, your results aren't compatible.

        If your results aren't compatible, FTDNA should have informed you about that so that they could either give you a refund of your $39 or a $39 credit toward ordering one of their tests. If you uploaded incompatible results from 23andMe, you need to contact FTDNA to straighten things out.


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          Do you have any Family Finder matches at FTDNA?


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            I have the original 90 matches I had when I downloaded and I spoke to FTDNA today and they said my 23andme was a V3 so I should be getting matches but for some reason I am out of the loop she called it. They are sending it to IT and said it may take 3-5 days before I hear anything. I am searching for my Birth Father by DNA only and really would like to see some new matches. I have them daily with Ancestry and 23andme but nothing from FTDNA.


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              Having originally had matches proves you had good data.

              Glad you made some progress!


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                Are you looking, or just going by no announcements?
                If the latter, do try checking since usually just close matches get e-mail announcements.

                If you only had 90 - then you do not get matches very often. When was the Transfer done? (ie how long with no new matches?)

                Do make sure your settings allow for all level of matches to be shown.
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                  If sorting by Matche date or making sure your settings are set to get all new matches then it must be something do with FTDNA, I know a few peoples match and email settings were set to no by default so it's probably worth checking those settings