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  • Family Finder Glitch?

    I match somebody on my Family Finder, match A, he doesn't match my mother so assumed he is on my paternal side. Now a new match came in, match B and he is in common with my mother. I opened the CHR browser and I match on the same CHR 2 for 3596 SNPs to both of them, but my mother only matches match B again on CHR 2 for 3596 SNPs. So how can my mother match only one of them, but I match them both with the same data???

    By way they share they same surname so assume they are related in some way!

    Thank you
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    FTDNA requires a 20cM total DNA share in order for two people to show up on each others matchlist

    this match probably only shares with you 20 to 30cM. Many of the small segments are probably IBS

    What is the total DNA shared with this match?

    Algorithm probably just doesn't find enough of these small segments in mother and match to push total DNA shared over 20cM.

    You would have to utilize something like Gedmatch's one to one compare if you and match have uploaded raw Data there.

    Or utilize David Pikes Utilities to compare if you and/or match is willing to share your Raw Data for that segment with each other.


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      With me
      Match A: Total 33.02 Longest Block: 13.84 Shared Segments: 9
      Match B: Total 39.56 Longest Block: 13.84 Shared Segments: 10

      With mother
      Match B only: Total 22.14 Longest Block 13.84
      Shared Segments 4

      As you say match A is probably less than 20cM to show as a match with my mother!

      So in your opinion, if they are brothers/cousins are they both 'real' distant matches on my mother's side or no match at all?


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        Originally posted by Solothurn View Post
        So in your opinion, if they are brothers/cousins are they both 'real' distant matches on my mother's side or no match at all?
        Brothers/cousins to each other? Or do you mean to you or your mom? Due to the amount of shared DNA, they can't be close relatives to you or your mom. They might also be distant matches to each other so no idea of their relationship to one another.

        FTDNA has minimums in place to help rule out matches are likely just coincidence. However, by doing so they could also remove real matches. The fact that they seem to match you more than your mom could indicate they are related to you through both your mom's side and your dad's side. It would explain why one barely registers as a match for your mom.

        As for your question about them being real matches. It is hard to say without more information. You would need to compare their chromosome data with yourself and others. At any rate you are better off focusing on matches that are much closer first before looking into distant matches.