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  • No FamilyFinder matches

    Yes that's right, zilch, nil. My relative is evidently not of this world, despite being a Y37-proven first cousin of another relative who has (admittedly spurious) FamilyFinder matches in the hundreds.

    Background: I had an email telling me that FamilyFinder results have been uploaded for one of the kits I manage. However despite the email having arrived several days ago there are still no matches at all. I suspect there has been a problem uploading the data which shows the table of matches, I've submitted a support request but no response yet. Other kits I manage haven't lost any data (as far as I can tell) and have had new matches since the first results were supposedly available for the new kit.

    The raw data seems to be there, I have downloaded it and submitted it to Gedmatch, which (on one to one compare with that cousin) successfully finds multiple instances of segments matching >7 cM and estimates 2.1 generations to a known MRCA. But on FTDNA I can't see any matches, and the downloaded csv or excel file has no entries, only a header row.

    Browser doesn't seem to make any difference, tried IE11 and Firefox, same result with both. Also tried a different computer.

    Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Batch 654 if it's relevant.
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    Check your "match and email settings" for Family Finder under your Privacy Settings. Make sure your settings allow your matches to be seen by your matches. If not, you won't bee able to see your matches either.


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      was the consent form signed when sample was submitted, which is required before FTDNA uses results in Database for matching.


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        Originally posted by Renegade6008 View Post
        Check your "match and email settings" for Family Finder under your Privacy Settings
        Thanks Renegade6008 that was it


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          Originally posted by familydar View Post
          Thanks Renegade6008 that was it
          That would have frustrated me to no end - to have my results completed and not be able to see my matches. lol

          Glad I could help. Have a great day, familydar!