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  • One-way matches

    I manage a number of kits.

    My grandson is a 'full' FTDNA FF kit.

    My wife, (yes, grandmother to my grandson), is an upload/transfer from 23andMe [still locked at this point...]. My grandson shows up as a match on my wife's kit/account. Here, on GedMatch and on

    My wife does NOT show up as a match on my grandson's account here. (i.e. it is a one-way match).

    They show up as a match in both directions on GedMatch and

    Further, my grandson shows up on ALL the transfer/uploaded accounts but none of the transfer/upload accounts show up on his match list. (they are all one-way)

    Is this as expected?

    If I pay the fee to unlock the transfers will this begin to work properly, both ways?

    Bob H.

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    Yes that's how it works. Full FTDNA accounts can't see transfers that haven't unlocked. There is one way you should be able to see the match to your grandson from your wife's account. Click on "Advanced Matches" then place a check mark next to 'Family Finder' and then run. When the list pulls up click on the 'Family Finder' header and it should give you a list starting with those matches that are transfers and are 'locked' or are full FTDNA accounts that have their settings set to not show that level of matching (those matches will only be listed by surname with no contact info). So yes if your wife shows there then she will be listed in his real Family Finder match list when her account is unlocked.
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      Worked as you said [when logged into the full account].

      I learned somethings new in the process.




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        Oops yes I got mixed up which was the full account and which was the transfer but you got it, run from the full account.