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SRY2627/L176.2/Z198 Project details old?

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  • SRY2627/L176.2/Z198 Project details old?

    I have noticed many missing results at especially my A11 group.

    If I clear my browser cache sometimes it fixes it temporarily? Also I noticed other times it just has the latest?

    It appears to me to be a caching/load balancing issue on FTDNA's side.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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    I think some people are set up so that only people that are part of the project can see them. I am in th u152 project. If I log in and then go to the site I see people. If I log off and then go to the site they're gone. I think it's fairly recent change. Im not part of the project and I see 7 people in the A11.