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Multiple dna uploads? Part 2

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  • Multiple dna uploads? Part 2

    Well, I've uploaded one set of raw data. I have results on those. I've just now tried to upload my daughter's but it says I've already done so. So now what? Whose matches do I have? Mine or hers? I am definitely confused.

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    You did the autosomal transfer right? Well for FTDNA you have a kit per person. So if you transferred your Ancestry or 23andme (v3) data to FTDNA, that is it. You then could make a new kit to make a new transfer for some other person's dna data such as your daughter.

    As for which one did you transfer... you should know who as you were the one that did it. If you lost track of which data file you transferred first, you could transfer it out to and compare with your Ancestry or 23andme (v3) data. If it matches then you know who's dna you transferred. Afterwards I suggest you delete it off gedmatch. Well just the duplicate. Leaving one there is always helpful for later.
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      I believe the results that are showing belong to my daughter. The is one match that I recognized the name from GEDMatch. When I do a 1-1 with her and this person it gives an MRCA as 4.4. When I do the same with myself and this person at even lowered settings, we share no dna. So I think it safe to say that I've gotten her dna data in the system. Though I created a new account to upload another dna data set, using my own data, it still says I've already done so. I will have to delve into this when I have a clearer head.


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        Then maybe you did upload both kits and forgot. Check your email. Look for an email titled "Family Tree DNA Account Registration". If you registered both kits with the same email, you should be able to find both kit numbers if you already transferred them.

        Some email providers will group similar emails so the same item will have two separate emails grouped as a conversation.


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          Thanks, I will check into that.


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            Can you access the FTDNA Raw Data download for the account you just uploaded?

            Depending on Build number of original testing companies Raw Data file (I assume it is Build 37) download the appropriate corresponding Build FTDNA Raw Data file.

            Go to David Pikes Utilities

            and compare FTDNA's raw data file to your original testing companies Raw Data file.

            What does it show for total Double segment matching?

            Compare FTDNA's raw data file to your daughters original testing companies Raw Data file.

            What does it show for total Double segment matching?


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              Files that are identical, will have approximately 2700mb Double and single segment totals,

              Parent/child comparison should only have aprox. 2700mb single segment matching (very little double segment)

              This should indicate which account is which at FTDNA.