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Way to print out Family Tree

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  • Way to print out Family Tree

    This was brought up maybe 6 months ago, but I'd like to ask again if a feature could be added to export your family tree from FTDNA as a pdf, or print it out (for the trees that aren't huge).

    I have resorted to screen shots to give to relatives and also to back it up since sometimes the entire tree will disappear with no warning.

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    Obviously, it would be easier to print a pedigree chart if it were formatted concisely, like the format used on GEDmatch. The format used by FTDNA is not clearly not designed for printing!


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      Sure its not ideal to print, long names get cut off sometimes, but to be able to at least export it as a pdf would be nice considering in our family, we've had 4 different users trees disappear in the past year after manually inputting all the info.