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Failed 23 & Me autosomal transfer & Family Finder

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  • Failed 23 & Me autosomal transfer & Family Finder

    Some time ago I attempted (and failed) to transfer 23 & Me autosomal results to ftDNA. This was my error as the sample used the 23 & Me V4 chip and so was not compatible.

    The problem is that this now shows as a Family Finder transfer kit with results pending in my dashboard and is complicating my purchase of the ftDNA Family Finder kit.

    I am able to add FF to purchases as a second user (with my original user name). But the system seems to want to post and charge for a new sample kit rather than use my stored sample.

    How do I delete the moribund 23 & Me atDNA transfer from my account?

    Thanks in advance

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    I had a similar situation happen to a kit that I manage last year. What you need to do is contact FTDNA and ask them to delete the pending transfer from your kit. It took them almost a month to delete it for me, so if they don't do it faster for you I would definitely follow up.


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      I would call them at Phone: (713) 868-1438 Monday - Thursday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM CST (Houston time).