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Disappearing mtDNA matches solved?

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  • keigh
    My "new since" date box is empty but I still have no matches at any level. My mdDNA is a FMS. And the 3 exact coding level matches I had are gone as are all the HVR1 and HVR2 level matches. FTDNA has left my haplogroup of H10c1 alone though, so I still assume that's my grouping. I wonder how long matches will be missing in action.

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  • Sarmat
    Yeah, I saw their announcement about caching issues.

    I wonder if they've overlooked a smaller and simpler solution to the issue some customers are experiencing.

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  • dna
    That is a very good reminder, as that box is easy to overlook. Over the years, I missed it more than once...

    FTDNA has posted a long explanation indicating that a large overhaul is taking place, but fixing matching is their priority.

    W. (Mr.)

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  • Sarmat
    started a topic Disappearing mtDNA matches solved?

    Disappearing mtDNA matches solved?

    I just discovered something.

    Like many others here, I've had problems with my mtDNA match list disappearing. For me, it's been an ongoing issue for about a month now. Sometimes when I checked, I'd see my matches. Other times, it showed me "No matches found at this level of testing."

    I just looked again, and there were no matches. Then I noticed that the "New since:" box had somehow been populated with "06/12/2015"!

    When I cleared out the date and re-ran the report, lo and behold! There were my matches!

    So after clicking around a bit more, what I found was that if you click on one of the "You have 1 new mtDNA matches!" notifications in the little notification drawer (or the link in an email notification, if you receive one), it automatically populates the "New since:" field with the date the notification was generated.

    Now this doesn't necessarily explain why we keep getting notifications of new matches that are not in fact on the list, but it may explain why so many people are not seeing any of their matches at all.

    If your matches have disappeared, look to see if that "New since:" box is filled in. If so, clear it out, and you just might get your matches back.

    FTDNA's IT department can thank me later. I know they've been "working on it" for a month or so now.
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