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  • Missing FF matches

    Hi my family finder matches have been missing for so long I've forgot dose anyone else have the same issue and has there been any updates on the problem?
    Best wishes.

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    Missing FF matches

    Hi benboy,

    You're not alone, as I'm still missing all FF matches on 3 kits (except new matches since 29 April), and another kit that had FF matches restored the day after they vanished in late April is still missing all matches dated between 23-28 April. (If anyone else lost all matches in late April, and they were restored overnight, check to see if you are missing matches dated between 23-28 April, as perhaps I am not the only one - perhaps others aren't even aware they are missing, if they didn't have a close relative match in those few days like I did).

    I thought I might be alone and very forgotten, after hearing no news or updates for such a long time. These are my core family kits (mine, dad's, 1st cousins) making it difficult to do any ICW comparisons with all the other relatives and a few new matches.

    I have been very, very patient but it is 7.5 weeks now since they went AWOL, and I've not received any news, which is very disappointing.

    So there are at least 2 of us with no FF matches. Hopefully someone will read this and let us know what is happening and how much longer we are likely to have to wait to see all our matches return? Cheers