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Same MT DNA Haplogroup in FF but not showing as MTDna match

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  • Same MT DNA Haplogroup in FF but not showing as MTDna match

    I am newbie to this , but find this bizarre I can see amongst my family finder under all matches 2 people with MT Dna Haplogroup H3-T152C!

    BUT they are not in my MT DNA matches.

    Should that be the case??


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    Matches at the HVR1 and HVR2 levels must be exact.

    For coding region (FMS) you and match are allowed 3 differences.

    These family finder matches must have 4 or more differences to you.

    Your mtDNA haplogroup admin may be able to tell you how many differences you have to these matches. This requires you and match to have your settings set to allow admin to view coding region of your mtDNA as well as being a member of your mtDNA haplogroup project.

    Does your mtDNA results contain a heteroplasmy?

    Definition of a heteroplasmy
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      Does your mtDNA results contain a heteroplasmy?

      Yes I think it does as I have some numbers with A at front and T at end??

      Not in a Haplogroup yet as not found one to join....



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        A heteroplasmy will be indicated when you click on your RSRS tab of your mtDNA Results.

        If any of the positions list any other letter other then A, C, G or T at the end this will indicate a heteroplasmy (has letters U, S, M, Y, R, K, W, V, H, B, D, X, or N)


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          Your haplogroup is assigned to you by FTDNA, it is H3-T152C! on your FTDNA page (based on your words that these two matches have the same mtDNA haplogroup as you). Since you had FMS test, it will not change unless there is some substantial redesign/rewrite of the mitochondrial tree.

          That is entirely unrelated to you joining any project or not.

          W. (Mr.)