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  • Dashboard Idea Suggestion

    On the Dashboard, I thought this might be a useful message to place in the location I circled in RED.

    Attention: All FTDNA submitters.
    If you want to maximize one of your benefits from submitting DNA.
    Please create a Family Tree or upload a current GEDCOM file to your
    account. That way you can link to others and share relationships.
    Oh, and make new friends or relatives.
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    Yes, the space is clearly underutilized

    W. (Mr.)


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      Constructive Dashboard Suggestion

      I would enjoy viewing a video on my dashboard page showing
      what happens in the FTDNA lab during test processing.

      I think this information would help me better understand the reason(s) behind what I consider, sometimes, unreasonable delays in posting tests results.

      It would lessen wild speculation and possibly lead to suggestions on how accurate result times could be shortened.

      I haven't found video of this nature as yet.

      Thank You


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        It must be realised that for many of us we cannot enter a family tree or gedcom because we know, or have strong suspicions of a named father not being the biological male parent (Y-DNA tests). That's why we are trying to find links to other families.

        More frustrating, as I have mentioned before, are the number of people who appear not to upload their results to Y-Search, not respond to e-mails, or having paid good money, have generally not followed up doing anything much with their results. Another gripe are projects that appear to decline to upload results because a surname doesn't match that of the project name. I've been given matches to distance 3 with four people all with the same (common) surname, but not one has responded and only one uploaded results.