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New ##TestType## Results for Kit SPAM

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  • New ##TestType## Results for Kit SPAM

    Looks like I got 10 emails this morning for results that were posted about 14 days ago. The emails have the header New ##TestType## Results for Kit ....

    I have enough problems working through 160 email notices from the projects without the additional burden of multiple copies of messages appearing at different times in various forms.


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    Decoder Ring

    I got two of these today. They do contain different kit numbers, the name of the person and the name of the project.

    Use your FTDNA Secret Decoder Ring to determine the meaning of the ##TestType##.


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      Sorry about that guys. This is a known issue that they are working to get resolved.

      Family Tree DNA


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        Since it wasn't happening before, maybe it is something that was broken by a "fix". Sometime I wonder if they test anything before they put it into production. We have seen far too much of this over the last 18 months.

        It is obvious that style is more important to the current tech team than a functioning system. Make it look good, even if it doesn't work.

        I really feel sorry for the current help desk staff. With actions like this it is no wonder they are buried with work. I don't know how people like Darren put up with it.