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Up/Down Arrows in Chromosome Browser

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  • Up/Down Arrows in Chromosome Browser

    I'm using Chromosome Browser for the first time in a few days and am seeing something new...or at least it's the first time I've noticed it. After I select people to appear in the Compare List, I'm seeing little up/down arrows next to the color blocks that indicate what color their segments will be. When I click on the arrows, though, nothing happens. Well, maybe not nothing...the name of the person involved moves a smigeon.

    Anyone have a clue what these arrows are for?

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    Interesting. I loaded 5 matches at random and not every person has the arrows. I have no idea what this is about.


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      Those matches that are a little different seem to not have the arrows. An example is a name with special characters such as Andrew (Drew).


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        Thanks for the responses. Glad to know I'm not missing something.

        I have two matches with special characters (parentheses) loaded at the moment, and one has the arrows and one doesn't. Very bizarre.