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Why does the forum think I speak Spanish?

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  • Why does the forum think I speak Spanish?

    All the headings in the forum are in Spanish. I know enough of the language to recognize the reason why I can't understand it. The messages are in English but navigating is a *****.

    Heck, which button do I need to push to submit 'Envia' .. or 'Vista' ????

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    In the low left part of the page. Or to the left and slightly higher than Family Tree DNA - World Headquarters

    Change from -- Espa to -- English (US).

    Try other language settings too Why? Some users navigate the web pages in such a manner that they more often than the others accidentally switch the interface language.

    W. (Mr.)

    P.S. It can happen to anyone.

    P.P.S. If you make the change while composing a message, it would be lost.


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      Muchas Gracias!

      Muy bueno


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        It happens at random

        I had the same thing happen, and it was definitely nothing I did. I see several other people have reported similar instances of the Forum language randomly changing. It's clearly some kind of bug or glitch.


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          I have to add mine shows Spanish too, and it's nothing I did. Sadly I don't understand Spanish so I used Google Translate!


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            I was suddenly switched to a different language some time back due to no input on my part. I don't know why that happens. It happens at 23andme for me, too, though it's not language. All of a sudden I'll have a different flag on my sign in page. Currently it's British for me, though it should be American, and I've been too lazy to change it. I should probably do that now that I'm thinking of it...


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              Mine is all in Spanish also. I speak fluent Spanish as a second language so it's good practice.